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Our word counter tool is a perfect tool for anyone who needs to keep a count of their words and characters.This tool is also an excellent way to assess your words and characters. Knowing the word count of a text is very important. If a writer has to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an article, our word counter tool will help to make sure its word count reaches a specific requirement within a certain limit.

Besides counting words and letters, our Word Counter Tool can help you improve word choice and writing techniques. To check word count, place your cursor into the text box above and start typing. You will see the number of characters and words increase or decrease as you can type, delete, and edit them. Also, You can copy-paste text from another program into the Word Counter. 

Know the word count of a text can be important. For example, if an author has to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an article, essay, report, book, story, or paper, you name it. Free Word Counter will help make sure its word count reaches a particular requirement or stays within a specific limit. This can restrict you from over-using certain words or word mixtures and check for the best distribution of keywords in your writing. At the same time, Reading Level is an indicator of the education level a person would need to understand the words you're using.

How to use our Word counter tool?

The word count tool is relatively easy to use. So, you can directly type your text into the text box. If you're using word Documents or online tools, such as Google Documents, to write your piece, you can copy and paste it onto the text box. Now the word count tool is more than just a simple word counter. 

Our word counter tool's link: https://leanseotools.com/free-word-counter

  • To check word count, paste your text into the box above.
  • If you want, you can type text into the box.
  • Click the Count Words button.

Once complete, you'll see the number of characters and words.

Importance of our Word Counter tool

Some importance of the Word Counter tool is given below:

  • This tool helps you to improve your word choice.
  • Our tool is a good way to assess your words.
  • You can input unlimited words.
  • Our tool is free of cost.
  • This tool is very helpful for content makers or bloggers.

Various writing types need a particular word count length for a website, a blog, corporate, an e-book, or a document. Some programs limit how many words or letters can be used, such as Facebook banner ads or Google AdWords search ads. Social media platforms are designed for easy reading and quick consumption. Each forum has its prescribed amount of viewable record count that can be posted. This is why understanding the character limits for social media platforms is essential, mainly if you are a social media manager or digital marketer. 

If you are managing or creating social media content, it is helpful to know the specific character goals for the platform you are working on. Here are the various character limits for popular social media platforms.

If you start writing for SEO, word count represents a significant role. The majority of high-ranking content that appears on page 1 on SERP is long form articles. Lot of them exceed 2,500 words while most of them are at least 2,000 words. 

You will notice that many long form articles have evergreen content, the most suitable type of content for SEO. Evergreen content gets more clicks over a long period, as exposed to content based on current news or viral trends. More extended articles are also seen to be more authoritative. When you need to write more extended content, you can insert more data and information into your writing and make it more valuable. 

Ysult, your content will carry more value, increasing the article's potential being shared and linked to when the more social shares and backlinks you receive, your website or page rankings will be better. Using the Word Counter Tool, you'll make sure that your article has the minimum word count for SEO best practices. Having an ideal word count will not guarantee good search rankings, but it will surely help in the long run. 

More about Word Count

With a name like Word Count Tool, we are all about the word count. Apart from our word counter, we also write many works that talk about word count. Presently, how much can you write about word count? This is the article that talks about the word count of various texts and books and switches word count to pages. If you need to write articles, you can use our Free Article Rewriter Tool.

Our blog also offers where you can find the word counters in different word processors. The site even offers tips to help you reach that desired word count. We can not get a sufficient word count, and you should too. Here is a look at what you can await when browsing our archives. And positively, this will help you get as excited about word count as we do.

There are different ways to write articles, and here are different lengths as well. You have probably listened to short stories and novels, and maybe all that is in. But have you asked yourself what counts as quick in a short story? Are there any rules that bind what is and what is not in terms of word count?

If you take the short story, short stories can have a maximum of 7,500 words. A Short storybook range from 3,500 to 7,500 words but the word count can be as low as 1,000. A story of more than 7,000 words but less than 17,500. This term might be simple to you, and it is often interchanged with the longer-form novella. Novellas are longer than novelettes but usually do not exceed 45,000 words.

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