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URL Rewriting Tool - Rewrite your URL Dynamic to Static

Our free URL Rewriting Tool will help you convert your long dynamic URL into a short static URL. Static URLs can help in optimization for ranking purposes. If you are using dynamic URLs that are not web visitors and SEO-friendly, now is the time to update your URLs by converting them to static URLs with our URL rewriting tool.

Building a website and making it ready for search engine optimization takes a lot of time and effort. Even tiny details such as URLs are important for a website because they can significantly affect your website traffic and page rankings. If you're still using long and dynamic URLs that are not web visitors and SEO friendly, now is the time to develop your URLs by converting them to static URLs with this URL rewriting tool. 

Static URLs are much simpler to remember and user friendly. Static URLs are more easy to bookmark or index as compared to dynamic URLs. Static URLs can improve get a good page ranking in various search engines. For this, you'll need to make a file called “.htaccess” and place the code created into it. Once you have finished the .htacess file, then copy it into the website's directory. URL rewriting of this species will only function if you are treated on Apache Server. If you've clean and simple URLs (static URLs), major search engines can detect folder names and will be able to make original links to keywords. When still using query sequence constraints, it may stay in the search engine's attempt to perform indexing on your web-pages. SEO experts say that dynamic URLs are not attractive to search engine spiders, whereas static URLs are more attractive to these crawlers, helping get a good page rank score. 

Why use our URL Rewriting Tool?

We develop URL Rewriting Tool so that you can use it to rewrite your website’s URLs. Here are some features of the URL Rewriting Tool:

  • Our Tool is a super-efficient tool.
  • You can quickly generate a static URL.
  • This is an online tool, so you don't need to download it.
  • This tool is completely free of charge.

We have designed this URL rewriting tool to use to check and rewrite your website's URLs. Keep in mind that a static URL is constantly more helpful than a dynamic URL. Static URLs can rank properly in search engines like Google & others. In an example, active links are indexed at a slower speed by search engines than static links. 

This URL rewriting tool is straightforward to use and can give you quick returns. There is no need to down-load the software on your computer because this is an online tool that you can practice anytime you like; this way, you get to save memory space. You do not need to make payment to use this URL rewrite generator because this tool is entirely free of cost. 

There are 3 great reasons why you need to rewrite URLs:

  1. It'll help with search engine optimization because search engines prefer URLs that don't include long query strings.
  2. If you've friendly static URLs, you have a higher chance that your pages will have a better ranking in search engines and help attract more traffic as they look more user-friendly to many web visitors.
  3. It will make your webpages load faster as compared to having dynamic URLs.

Hence, it has a more manageable interface.

How to use our URL Rewriting Tool?

Our free online URL Rewriting Tool is a super efficient tool that instantly generates static URLs with just a simple click. Just copy the URL and paste into the text box and submit. Our URL rewriter tool will immediately create the result and give you a quicker and static URL. To rewrite your long dynamic URL into a shorter, you can follow these steps:

When complete, our tool will generate short and static URLs. You must enter a dynamic URL in the space provided - otherwise, this tool will not work.

For many website owners and webmasters, you are using SEO tools such as this URL Rewriting tool because it can greatly help promote and reach out to a broader range of audiences worldwide. This URL rewriting tool can make your website ready for a more improved online visibility so that your target audience from across the globe can see and visit your website. If you are an e-commerce website owner, it will be likely that more people will find your webpages on search engines which could lead to gaining more traffic and potentially conversions. You might find some static websites on the internet. A website that is providing information without any signals; is likely static. These are common in small businesses and companies; they want to show their presence on the internet. They don't want anyone stealing their business name, and they don't do any business on the web. 

Importance of Static URLs

Some importances of Static URLs are:

  • Static URLs are easy to remember.
  • User-friendly.
  • It can easily index as compared to dynamic URLs.
  • It can help to good ranking.
  • Higher click-through rates in the web pages, SERPs, emails, etc.
  • Stronger keyword influence and relevancy
  • More accessible to copy-paste and share on or offline

Static websites are easy to host and not expensive to develop. So you can use our tool to convert your Dynamic URL to a Static URL.


URL Link Rewriting tool uses several email security companies to fight against malicious links in emails. Microsoft's Safe Links, Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), Mimecast's URL Protect, and all use similar URL rewriting forms in their email filters. A different way to look at URL rewriting is like a small layer that sits on top of a website. Doing it is easy because it needs hardly any changes to its underlying structure and no moving files around or renaming things.


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