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Our Link Analyzer Tool allows you to track all the links on your website. If you use this tool, you can analyze external, internal and NoFollow links to your website. This valuable tool can identify the links at the same time on a given page of your website. This link analyzer is a very helpful tool that lets you keep follow links that are placed on your website. This tool helps you analyze internal and external links linked to your website, so you can recognize the dead links and remove them to develop the page quality.

Use this Link Analyzer Tool to analyze the links on your website. Whether you're acting in response to the newest Penguin update or performing a regular link audit, our free Link Analyzer Tool makes the method of reviewing and analyzing your links as simple as possible. 

Our website link checker tool can only be used to analyze the links on one URL at a time. If you want an in depth link audit, you should analyze the specific web-pages one by one and not only the home page.

Link analyzing is one of the common important aspects of search engine optimization. It would help, if you were precise about the total number of links directed or linked to your website. A usual analysis of incoming and outgoing links will let you reap its advantages when it comes to SEO. 

This tool will analyze an entered domain or URL for internal or external anchor links and notes if they should be followed by search engines or not, i.e., follow links and no-follow links. It also marks their anchor text, e.g., which text was used to link to those internal and external web pages. With our link analyzer tool, you can track your internal and external links included on your web page. 

How to use this link analyzer tool?

This Link Analyzer tool will provide the results immediately. It'll display a report that includes all inbound and outbound links and the corresponding anchor text. Should there be any hyperlinked on the page, the alt property of that image will be shown as the anchor text? This free website link checker tool is developed to help website owners and web admins, and SEO professionals analyze the links on a website. This helpful tool can identify the links simultaneously that spiders are crawling on your website's given page. All you have to do compose the URL of your website in the text box and then click on the Submit button. Our method will process your request and will display the results in just a few seconds.

To use this Link Analyzer tool, follow some steps below:  

Once complete, you'll get the results. Our Link Analyzer tool will show you the following:

  • The total number of links found on your website.
  • The number of Internal links.
  • The number of external links.
  • The number of no-follow links.

Why use our link analyzer tool?

There are many similar SEO tools worldwide, but this is the best free online Link Analyzer that you'll find. This website link checker can give you all the information you need to check the inbound or outbound links on your website. You do not need to register with an email or download to use this tool. 

Our link analyzer tool gives you some benefits:

  • You'll get the results instantly.
  • This tool can determine hidden links and spam links.
  • You'll get a better backlink analysis report.

This website link checker tool will focus on your important web pages, then you will get the analysis report.

The link analyzer helps you decide the ratio between internal links and outgoing links for any domain. Typically, too many outgoing links can be harmful to a website's search performance. There are many parts, but it's often wise to refrain from a massive number of outgoing links compared to internal links. 

Website masters were informed of the value of external links and instantly fell for this bait. This action was created for websites like Wikipedia, where hundreds of web admins and SEO made links to their websites. This. A huge problem for actual blogger sites that were encouraging to participate in blog discussions. However, the spurious associations were a headache, and some blog sites inserted no-follow in their areas. This, to a great range, stopped this practice. Google and other search engines had to handle this onslaught and redo their ranking algorithms. They did this by reviewing the validity of links and created the No-follow idea. If links were considered to be from false and spam websites, they were marked as No-follow. After including this change, websites having a bunch of No-follow links got de indexed. Early on, SEOs understood the value Google and other search engines connect with a website's links to other sites. This knowledge was created for credible website masters and authentic bloggers. Artificial link farms were built to make money, and the links were sold to unaware webmasters or web admins. 


The Link Analyzer tool offers extensive filters that enable you to find particular links quickly and easily. Find links that contain specific words or links that point to particular pages. They only show you follow or no-follow links or find linking pages that contain specific words in the title. You can only see links from particular industries. The free Link Analyzer tool filters enable you to find the links that you need within seconds. 

Having good link building is crucial if you want to get high rankings on Google. The Link Profiler tool in Link Analyzer enables you to analyze the link structure of websites. The links that point to websites are among the most critical factors in Google's ranking algorithm. Good links provide web pages a ranking boost. Otherwise, too many bad backlinks can get a website penalized. 


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