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Keyword density a very small factor when it comes to ranking pages for a specific keyword. It is important to use your focus keywords in all important on-page elements and internal links o make sure search engines recognize your content. The best keyword density is like the perfect content length. Keyword Density Checker tool will help you analyze the keyword density of your website. Keyword density just suitable for the best search performance and it is a fundamental part of search engine optimization.

A web page's keyword density is determined by (Times a specific keyword repeated/Total words on a page) * 100. Keyword density is a generally used term that is a hot topic about SEO forums. It gives search engines an opinion of which topic your web page is. Try to keep the keyword density of a webpage around 1% – 3% because if you go more than 3%, it might be triggered as keyword forcemeat in the eyes of search engines. If Density is less than 3 percent, it's nothing to worry about, but it will be considered keyword stuffing if it exceeds this limit. 1st Trick is to use different synonyms. For example, you can replace “plagiarism checker” with “plagiarism detector,” “plagiarism software,” or “copy-paste checker”. For this plan, you can use our free article rewriter tool. It will automatically search for synonyms against the content. The second Trick, Increase text length; it will automatically lower this percentage. So please do not overdo it and place the keywords if possible. Give some importance to the people who are reading your content. 

This tool also shows page title, the total number, meta information of images, image alt tag count, full links (internal & external), nofollow links, links with ‘title' attribute, total internal and external links, links with ‘img' tag as anchor, links with ‘textual or contextual' anchors and total words. You will export keyword density data, summary, and internal/external links to a CSV file. 

Importance of our Keyword Density Checker tool

Our free Keyword Density Checker tool can be helpful in your content and with keywords. Some advantages are given below:

  • Our tool can easily calculate the keyword density of any web page.
  • This tool solves the problem perfectly.
  • It analyzes a whole web page using its URL.
  • It checks and analyzes all the top keywords used on the web pages.

Our keyword density tool will analyze your web page and provide you all the keywords with count (how many times performed) and density in percentage. There is no single optimal keyword density percentage. Every search query is unique and search engines compare or normalize documents against other top documents to determine their particular thresholds. Some keywords like "debit cards" naturally appear as a two-word phrase, whereas additional terms may be more spread out. Moreover, some highly trusted websites with great information, vital usage data & strong link profiles can suitably get away with more repetition than smaller, less advanced sites. 

Our free keyword density checker allows you to analyze the keyword usage of any present webpage on any website so that you can optimize that web page for your SEO. Our tool will give you a complete analysis of the total number of keywords found on the selected web page, a list of the most commonly used words on the web page, and the density of those keywords in a percentage format. These results can be applied as a means of relating your content to that of a competitor. They can also support you determine whether the keywords you're targeting are among the highest used words on your webpage or whether you need to give them a more important spotlight. 

How to use our free Keyword Density Checker tool?

Using our free online keyword density checker too is as simple, just clicking one button in two simple steps:

Once you've completed it, our keyword density analyzer tool will instantly retrieve all the keyword data from your website and display them in a tabular format. Our tool will show:

  • The total number of keywords on your website.
  • List of all targeted keywords.
  • How many times you've used a keyword.
  • Percentage of times your target keywords.

Use our free Keyword Density Checker tool to see how often your keywords appear and you can increase & decrease them according to your requirements.

The Keyword Density Analysis Tool calculates text found in the on-page body text & text used within & heading tags. In a result, you can use this free keyword density tool to understand which words & phrases are now used frequently on the page and follow those words & phrases in the most important metadata tag, such as heading tags and alt text, to promote the keyword relevance. 

After using the keyword density tool, you may also notice that you need to twitch the page's content to secure the most important keywords are used with reasonable cycle, but not to the point of keyword dressing, which can be made in search engine systems. Use this free keyword density tool to get insight into the page content you now have. The keyword density tool can also help maintain your SEO site analysis efforts to getting what you want and need on the page. 

After using our keyword density analysis tool, you can wish to modify your website's content accordingly. While stop words present no keyword importance value, be sure your on-page content is written in daily language designed for human users. Overly optimized text that is small more than a keyword dump list will be identified by search engine crawler algorithms as human reader against and can negatively affect a page's ranking. 

While it is good to take hints based on the free keyword density tool results, regularly write your text content in the natural, well-formed language, particularly for your targeted human audience. Search engine algorithms value this kind of content the most. 


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