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An IP is a unique address for identifying all machines using the Internet. You can be identified by an IP address when you are connected to the Internet through a device. It is impossible to operate the Internet without a unique IP addressing system. You can find the IP address of any website through various websites. You can use our Domain to IP Tool. This tool can convert a domain name into an IP address. There is a database that includes records of all the websites that are on the internet. IP address is what recognizes one domain from another. All domain is assigned a unique IP address. An Internet Protocol or IP is a different addressing system used to identify all using the internet. 

If you connect to the internet via any device, tablet, laptop, mobile phone, computer, etc., you are recognized by an IP address. Without an individual addressing system operating and managing the Internet would be practically impossible. Suppose you're living in an area with no street numbers, house numbers, or names. It would be difficult to determine out where a person lives. IP address consists of four digits that we explained before. Each of which includes one to three numbers. A single dot Separates each set of numbers. All of the four numbers can range from 0 to 255. An IP address can look like This innocuous looking set of characters is the key that allows a user to send and collect data from other websites. 

This is the set of numbers that ensure that we reach the correct website. The standard set of IP addresses first established in 1983 and is known as the IPV4, and the ones described are fast running out. To handle the expected domains addressing IPV6 has been launched, and both versions are in use. To know what the DNS is and how it works, you need to know IP addresses and domain names. Internet Protocol or an IP address is a complex string of numbers that works as a binary identifier for devices over the internet. An IP address addresses servers, computers, and other devices used to identify one another online. The large majority of IP addresses are organized into four sets of digits – i.e., 

How to use Domain into IP Tool?

Domain into IP, We practice domain names to seek our favorite websites; we also bookmark them in our search browsers. We even write and store them just in case something goes wrong with our device. But why do we want to know a domain's IP address? We'll need this information if we're going to know the features of the domain. What is an IP address? We know the answer to this before we explain what a domain's IP address is. 

To use our tool, you can follow these steps:

Finally, you can get the results. Our tool will show the following:

  • The IP address of Domain.
  • The name of the country.
  • The name of ISP.

You can use the Command Prompt to get IP, but our tool is very easy to use.

More about Domain Name & IP

A domain name is data that you insert into a web browser to reach a particular website. When you enter a URL like into a web browser, the domain name is A domain name is the human friendly version of an IP address. Businesses for easy to remember domain names make it easier for people to find them online. If people had to retain complex IP addresses to navigate the Internet, it wouldn't be nearly as effective or enjoyable. 

Two types of IP addresses are allowed, which are known as static and dynamic. Static address never switches. Web hosting service providers buy and use a group of active addresses. When a user who has been specified a dynamic address works off the line from the Internet, the address is authorized to another user. 

The Static IP addresses report such information as the country, continent, and area where a device is located. But, the IP address might not be showing the correct data about the domain. This is because a company that stayed in Africa may have a static IP address on a web hosting service provider located in London. The IP address will give this information when an IP lookup is operated. Big organizations prefer to have static IP addresses, and also some agencies have static IP addresses. 

Dynamic IP addresses are the equipment of interchangeable IP addresses. All ISP (internet service providers) have a collection of addresses, and they assign an IP address when a user joins the internet. A dynamic IP address is safer and cheaper than a static IP address. Hackers discover it easier to hack static IP addresses as the address of a domain never switches. If a hacker tries to hack a dynamic address, they will come across another domain using the IP address. 


The time it becomes essential for you to resolve the domain to IP is when you're not aware of your domain's IP address, and now, you are trying to extract it manually. It is this time that you want to resolve the domain to IP. 

You have invested a lot of effort into finding the exact IP address of your domain, but the process takes a lot of time. So, it would be best if you had a way in which you can quickly resolve the domain to IP: Free Domain To IP Address Converter. Just open our Domain to IP Converter tool, submit the domain name, and determine the IP domain by clicking on the 'Submit' button to ensure that your devices have a static public IP address. You must maintain a static IP address. If you choose to disclose your application using a Service, you need to create a regional IP address. Global IP addresses only work with an ingress the device type.


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