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Domain age refers to the time a domain name exists. For example, If you bought a domain in 2018, it is still three years old in 2021."Domain Age Checker" is an online domain tool that supports you find the exact age of a website. Domain age is one of the essential factors in website ranking by search engines. Using the Domain Age Checker tool, you can also check the age of your competitor's domain. There are many domain age checker tools on the internet, but our tool is very powerful.

Most people probably don't know what a domain age checker is. They are very clearly a place where you can check domain age. We mean you can find out how great a domain or website has more has simply been working. To do this, go to the search engine of your choice and type in the "domain age checker." Go to the return key, and it'll give you a list of sites to check website age or domain authority. Why not try it now? Check Amazon, eBay, Walmart or any sites you can think of. There are purposes you may choose to do a domain age check, and these are various depending on who is doing the review—people looking for some sort of service via the internet, such as indexed pages. PageRank may decide to use this tool as a guide to how strong a business is. Those businesses that have been their largest are more than likely still there because they have been strong in what they are giving. 

Businesses also use a domain age checker or Alexa Rank Checker to decide where to order an advertising place. Again the most strong businesses will have been there the largest and will be more viable. They have most certainly had more internet hits than those who have only been there a short while. Domains on the internet for a long time are also higher up the page by internet search engines. Internet search engines such as Google recognize those websites, which will place important up the search list than others. More authorized websites that have been around for longer will be ranked higher up on a search engine listing. 

How to use our Domain Age Checker Tool?

The domain age checker tool is very easy to use. You do not have to go through any complex procedures to find the domain age of any website. Our tool does not ask the users to sign up themselves; therefore, you can start using the tool by simply entering it. You can follow the process specified below to check your site's domain age with our domain age checker tool. As you will access this tool, you will see a box where you can enter domain names to check their age. You can enter up to 1 domain and check their periods in a single go. 

Our tool is very easy to use. You can quickly start using the tool. Follow the steps:

Once you've done it, you will get the results. Other domain age checker tools only show the domain's age, but our tool offers you details about your domain. Our tools show you the exact days and years of your domain age. Our tools show the following:

  • Domain age with days and years.
  • Domain Created Date.
  • Domain Updated Date.
  • Domain Expiry Date.

Domain age is very powerful for SEO or Google ranking to use our free Domain Age Checker Tool. Checking one at a time would be time-consuming, that it would hardly be feasible. However, a bulk domain age checker can feasibly check five hundred sites at a time with ease. This could also come in handy for those looking for a business to provide us with a service. 

Importance of Domain Age

Domain age is indeed necessary for SEO or Google ranking. The several weighting factors that Google thinks of while standing a website is the age of a domain. Otherwise, how long a domain has been about is important. It is worth thinking that domain age does not refer to how long you've maintained a given website, but rather how long it's been since Google first recorded that domain. That is why many businesses prefer to buy “age domains” or expired domains that have been listed for a while to add a bit of the Google element. If a domain was registered some ten years ago does not mean that Google takes it ten years old, Google already has indexed it. Let's set it this way that even if a domain has been registered for ten years but did not more than that, it is the same as you bought the field just yesterday. 

There has been a specific discussion about how exactly the age of a given domain provides your capacity to rank better. The experiment and experience of SEOs paint a clear picture that an older domain age proves a bit better when competing for rankings. Google has even started some light on the effect of domain age, as expected. They are holding the passes close to their chest. Websites are significantly underestimated for the first few months after Google initially finds them. In those first few months, it is much more challenging to rank well for competitive terms. Some SEOs won't favor working with brand new domains. 


Domain Age checker, Most people do not know what a domain age checker is and why it is important to see a domain name's age. Do not mind the use before you become familiar with what it is and why it is necessary. Domain age checkers are a simple tool where you can check the domain age, and this means that you can use the Domain age checker tool to know how long a domain name or a website has been running. 


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